1. I was wondering what was going on with our passing game too…& what happened to our TE package? Offensively we can definitely get more creative. We need our O to put up points (the ST/Def doing it is a plus but shouldn’t be a necessity)….Cryboys game will have serious ramifications &
    May well determine if we “rebuild” more or push for playoffs…

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    • Christine, I couldn’t agree more. This week will determine if the Front Office pushes for 2016 or if we start using it as evaluation tool.


  2. A little Eagle chatter about getting some speed on the outside With Smith or Jeffrey. I doubt Jeffrey but Smith would free up matthews for the slot. I think that would be interesting. Is Josh Gordon out of Rehab?

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    • I have no idea what Gordon’s situation is, but he’s a flake and I don’t want him anywhere near my team.

      Speed is less the issue I think though. Oddly enough, today I’m putting up an article discussing the WR’s.



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