1. Eagles sell out the fans again and throw the season out the window before it starts. Crappy ownership. A money move and stupid fans keep buying tickets. This is slap in the face to the fans. It says come anyway and waste your time and money watching us toss a rookie in their in week 6 after the season is over. Im sure the veteran players cannot be happy.

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  2. I’m thrilled with the trade and am willing to let this season be a new lab, as you call it. With our division being so mediocre, anything can happen. I keep thinking…..what if we’ll be witnessing the eventual greatest QB in Eagles history. Hope is a great thing.

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    • So do I Andrea. Since our first round pick position will be determined by the Vikings record, imagine if we won the division AND the Vikes tank!
      This trade is great both long and short term. (Provided a fan is willing to eat a bad year.) Though as Hollywoodeagle suggested earlier, there are veterans in that locker room who do NOT see it as we fans do.


  3. And if the vikings thrive this will go down as another attempt to stretch the scientific experiment another three seasons. Wentz is going to get his ass kicked. And daniels will be a 6-10 QB at best. The winning the division thing is over . Now its a matter of how bad is this going to get. The defense will keep the Eagles competitive while they sell the fans on the growth of the rookie QB. The Eagles have the fans by the balls.


    • If the Vikes thrive with who? Bradford?! No, either we profit from this or neither of us does.

      As for not winning the East, why can’t we? Dallas is in the same boat we’re in, except their insurance policy is Mark Sanchez. New York can’t get out of their own way thanks in part to their head coach. Washington has a first place schedule and a QB who can’t beat teams over .500. Our Defense is a meat grinder that will produce extra opportunities for our mediocre Offense.

      I said even back in April that the Offense would be a problem, but the Defense getting them the ball back in good field position will artificially inflate our scoring stats. We’ll score more because of our Defense, but our rankings on Offense (except in yardage), will look better than the Offense has truly earned.

      We’ll be competitive in a weak division. We may even win it.


  4. Look. This is a great deal for us. Bradford is not gonna take us anywhere. Our avg. Offensive age is 25. We have a shiny new QB to grow up with them. Our “core” defense will be together for at least 3 years. How is this selling the fans short? Selling the fans short is Bradford staying going 5-11 and us STILL not having a 1st round pick with the LIVE draft being in Philly next season. Now say we go 6-10 with Wentz? That’s 1 game better than if we had Bradford. Vikes go (my prediction) 8-8. We have a top 15 pick.

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  5. The people who don’t like this trade…is the thought that with Bradford, this was play-off team? Giving Bradford money was a mistake in the first place, and now we are out form under that and got something for our trouble. Meanwhile, this is a 6-10 team either way.


  6. I disagree. Our defense is deep playoff ready while again we have a gap with the offense. You expect Wentz and daniels to close that gap? I doubt it. We got what from Minnesota a late 1st and fourth for A qb picked #1 in the draft. This is a money move and not a commitment from ownership. I think NY , Wash and Dallas have jump on us. We will be in cellar and season will be closed out by 10th game of season. Sorry beast but Wentz not proven and Daniels is a scrub.

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  7. The funny thing is I could have predicted this when they let Reid go. Chip was a fall guy. Wentz is the stretch. Lurie bought 7- 10 years with this little scheme.

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  8. Beast I have been around a long time and I know you remember me telling you guys about this deceitful management. And the funny thing is the ring leader is still there (Howie). I said he was buying time but I never thought it would be so in your face. Now its laughable. Lurie has to go

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