1. Love, love the kismet line and “Andy and Donovan 2.0”. I’m just gonna keep the faith until
    it’s proven that I shouldn’t..

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  2. 3 questions:

    1. Is there a QB of Donovan McNabb’s caliber in this year’s crop?

    2. Do we have a QB good enough to set the example for a developing rookie?

    3. Is the ownership/fanbase going to have the patience to wait for the future?

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    • 1. No.
      2. Any NFL QB is good enough to set AN example for a rookie. Whether the mentor is successful is up to the coaches to decide.
      3. Sometimes things take time to unfold. McNabb offered pretty quick turnaround, so Lurie was never tested there. We’ll see how this pans out, but the short hooks given to Reid and Kelly in recent years would suggest that we may be about to watch Lurie turn into Jerry Jones.



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