11 comments on “SO WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

  1. Say it ain’t so…not Celek, Barwin, Ryans, Thurmond and Barner!!! It’s gonna be a long few or even more seasons! Ugg.


    • Maybe not.
      The rumblings are that we’re looking to go back to a 4-3 defense since we already have players better suited to it than the 3-4. So Barwin and Ryan (especially with his age and injury history) are only set up to look bad if we keep them.
      Thurmond will be looking for a big payday finally.
      Celek I love, but he’s due 4M this year and with other FA’s to sign the Eagles will need the space. And if he goes that just means that Zach Ertz will play more.
      Barner is one-dimensional to start with and besides, in a traditional run scheme, our other 3 RB’s will perform like the stable of studs that they should have been this year. Each of them has done it in the NFL. It took Kelly to make all three look bad.
      We went 6-10/7-9 in humiliating fashion this year, but if we plug in young players and we SEE their progress, the same record next year could be exciting to watch unfold.


  2. Basically Chip called Lurie a liar by denying his player personnel role. I think Lurie has some explaining to do. That is what caused his early exit. Lurie getting the jump on him. While everone is preoccupied with the firing Lurie is ducking the real issues.


  3. I have not heard anyone mention GM which leads me to believe they have already have one. According to Chip he was never the GM. Why should he not be believed?

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    • He never was the GM in title, but we all know he was the guy calling the shots. Howie Roseman didn’t decide to start cramming the roster full of Ducks. Roseman didn’t decide to trade away Nick Foles and a 2nd round pick or get rid of LeSean McCoy. Roseman wasn’t the one who said he mishandled Jeremy Maclin in free agency. Fact is this was all Kelly. he was NEVER the titular GM, but he was very much the GM.
      I can call my foot whatever I like, but in the end it’s still a foot.


  4. He did not have the title and he claims he was not in charge of personnel decisions. I have no reason to believe Chip is a liar . Frankly Luries reaction to that claim by firing Chip 2 days later says more about the possibility that its true. This says a lot about Lurie and who runs that organization. Fact is Lurie said this is not how I ” run” my organization.


    • You have no reason to believe Chip is a liar? Okay, but that puts you at odds with the balance of fan experiences here. It’s partly why so many people soured on him so badly.


  5. To think that Jeff Lurie is so incompetent as to allow a new guy to get rid of alll his stars without Jeffs blessing makes no sense. If someone I just hired came to me (in my business)and said get rid of your 3 best drivers I would laugh in his face. Although my business model is different certain principles always hold true. And one is the owner and CEO/President have the last say. Lurie is responsible as well as the rest of his executive staff. It would be like listening to someone saying take the tomatoes out of the ketchup. And then saying the CEO knew nothing of this. I said when they let Reid go Lurie would position the team to sell it. I think he may still that as pressure begins to mount from the fan base. He is not getting a credible HC. You think the next guy wants to be Howies lap dog? This thing could easily spiral even further. I will not even attend a game if given a free ticket.

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    • Your issues with Lurie are long documented 🙂 And I’m not saying that Lurie had no idea what was happening. In fact I’m pretty sure he and Howie saw this coming, which is why Lurie insulated Howie from any splash-back right at the beginning of making this move. When it happened I wrote about how impressed with how Machiavellian the move was. Lurie ALWAYS knew Chip might screw it up that was why he placed all the weight on him and him alone.

      Also the press conference where Kelly said he wasn’t the GM, didn’t hand out scouting assignments and whatnot, notice that he did NOT mention Roseman for any of that. The guy he fingered was Ed Marynowitz. Which is hilarious because he’s the guy CHIP hired.


  6. I get the connection Beast but the press continues to call Lurie a “hands off owner”. That could not be farther from the truth. He is at the Nova complex everyday and knows the impact of letting guys like McCoy go. Its that simple.

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