1. We let alot of good play go for over paid bums. We under sized on the offensive line. We can’t pound the ball in short yard down. Everyone we got rid of had good seasons .

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    • And everyone we replaced them with sucked hairy balls. I think we all got to see what Chipper’s eye for talent looks like.


  2. I agree with some of your thoughts but I actually think the body of evidence leads me to believe that Chip will be bringing in a running capable QB. Does anyone really believe that Chip is so dumb as to run the same looking plays game in and out if he thought this was their season. Fact is I think Chip was prepping these guys for the base plays for next year when he has HIS QB. And if they can at least be somewhat respectable running a handful of read/option plays with a QB that cannot run then imagine what it could look like with a capable QB that can run. If Chip keeps Bradford he is forced to tread in unchartered offensive waters. He has to alter his system to tailor it to Bradford. That could be a major mistake since he has drafted bigger and stronger receivers for a moving run game and has lineman that are more capable blocking on the move. As Seth Joyner said every play we faked the run we were overmatched by one defender that was not moving towards Bradford. Not only that, the defenses cutoff the other half of the field and made things virtually impossible for our run game. They were constantly harassing our RBs in the backfield. I think we need to add legit WR like Josh Gordon or Travis Benjamin. Draft or add in FA a guard and LB . A fill out the draft with Oline , DT and Lbs . I think we have the core group to build on and Chip has two years. If I am Chip I add RGIII or Kaeprnick and roll the dice. Because he has one year to right this and I think Bradford and new offense could be too much change.

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    • I agree. I think a new QB HAS TO BE part of 2016. I’ve already said that I think RG3 is a potential answer. (Spoiler: I have an article coming up about just that.)

      I don’t see a FA WR coming in though. I think he drafts for speed again, which would be a sad waste. We already have speed, it’s just poorly deployed because Chipper doesn’t know how to intimidate a defense.


  3. IDK. Maybe Lurie jettisoned Kelly because he wants to keep Bradford and Murray. Its a very confusing situation. Any coaching ideas.

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    • Right now I have no idea who they could be looking at. My only hope is that we FINALLY get a defensive coach in here.

      And no incoming coach is going to want to be saddled with Bradford. Especially with him chewing up so much money and limiting options for new players. A new QB will come up during the interview process.


  4. Jeff Lurie has a lot of questions to answer. Pretty interesting that kelly gets fired after saying he was not the GM. He is Luries buffer. Lurie will never get a legit coach because anyone with half a brain can see that he pulls the rug out. He is a cheap ass. And a liar to the fans. As you know Ive never liked him. Apparently neither does Reid or Kelly. In Reids case he shorted him as well.



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