11 comments on “GET US BILL COWHER

  1. This would be a no brainer at this point. Lurie is running out of road. Beast you should get into coaching. Because being an x and o guy is easy but being intelligent is something you are born with. And you have a good comprehensive understanding of the game and the business side of football. I think a lot of football analysis leaves out the business aspect of the game. When you have watched the Eagles over the years certain business decisions become the norm. With Howie still entrenched, you are not going to pull the wool over Cowhers eyes. He is intelligent. Lurie will be making what i believe is a final choice to win a superbowl with him. It will truly be Luries last hurrah.

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    • Thank you for the complement but I would make a horrible coach since I’d insist on a a life away from work. While I know the chances of getting Cowher are almost nil, (without Kaye in his corner he might not want to bother), it doesn’t hurt anything for a fan to speak his wish aloud.


  2. Well Cowher would be the best choice but realistically can we get a hard nosed veteran to take the job. Any alternatives. Isnt Kiffin in new England ? That would be interesting. IDK. I think its more realistic. You have a list of what is possible. ? Mcdermott – Im not excited about that.

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    • I’d prefer a former player at this stage. I think there are some players on this roster who need to see toughness in their coach before they can exude it on the field. McDermott doesn’t make me think “tough” when I see him.


    • You mean Josh McDaniels? No. No more Offensive guys. Offensive coaches like toys and too often breed soft teams. We’ve been soft for too long already. It’s time we had a hard-nosed defensive coach again.


  3. I agree on the soft part. I just think we wont get Cowher or Gruden. So I think Herm Edwards might be a nice fit. The guy has emotional intelligence. Whatever that is. A new Lurie smokescreen.


  4. My kid is friends with his son. Detroit DC. He has a good resume. I think Eagles want to retain Shurmer and Billy Davis is history. Could make sense. IDK.

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