1. On paper it looks like a loss but Im hoping the Eagles can string wins together and make the playoffs . I agree with you on Matthews. He is taking way too much punishment on those short routes. I do not know why they would risk losing a young talent like that to injury. If Im not mistaken Benny logan missed a few games. Is he back? That should help sure up the run defense. Losing Hicks had an impact. But lets hope we can gain some momentum. Eagles 30 Cardinals 21

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  2. I hear you. But I know my call was emotional. But I still believe that Bradford is hardly the problem. If anything it falls on Chip again for not having a solid game plan. The offense was vanilla. It was not interesting or unique. The defense was a joke. Im not sure why a defense with a solid group up front and some decent linebackers and secondary cannot play at all. The Eagles and Chip are pretty embarrassing right now. I left watching at halftime. Its really a bad Eagle product. My son begged me to watch but I could not find the strength. Regardless of a playoff appearance they need parts in multiple areas. The offensive line is a joke. I do not know why we have no rush and a weak secondary. This hurry up offense is getting old . I have no problem getting a young QB but I think the Bradford trade ends up being really costly. I say tag Bradford and draft a qb and let sanchez walk.

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    • You mention that we need an offensive line, a secondary and pass rush. That’s more than a couple players. That’s a rebuild. It’s time.


  3. I thought that is what we were doing the past few years. This has some early signs of a train wreck. It could go either way. So far the players are semi conscious .

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    • Massive house cleaning ? Thats a very bad proposition for the fans. Since most teams are only a few players away at any given time I think it might need a bigger and longer term nvestment from the owner. Thats called commitment. The one constant is the owner. We can no longer say this team is elite or he is a new owner. For a team with a new stadium this owner stinks. He always has a fall guy and a sideshow. Not a great formula.


  4. IDK and throw this thing a minimum of 5 years down the road possibly longer. I might not live to see the day. That is not good.



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