6 comments on “WE NEED A FRANCHISE QB

  1. Once again, I totally agree with you Eagle. Although, I never booed Donovan (cause I didn’t watch the draft back then). And he stands as a top 3 all time fav player of mine because he brought us our greatest streak in years of winning in the history of the franchise. The news that Chip is standing behind Bradford was very disappointing but in the back of my mind I wasn’t sure if I believed him, maybe it is hopeful thinking. Come on Eagles!!!!

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    • Chip also said that he wanted Foles to be the starting QB for the next 1,000 years, and that he wanted McCoy back in 2015. Take every word that man says with a grain of salt.


  2. Foles is a bum. They need to bring stability to the position and Bradford brings a strong set of skills. Might not be perfect but he is the best since Donovan. And a good QB is not easy readily available.

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    • Which is why we need to draft potential and build one. Like we did with McNabb. Every year team’s play the Used QB Derby and it rarely pans out. If a QB was allowed to walk, there’s usually a VERY good reason for it. This franchise hasn’t truly invested in a QB since 1999. It time we did again.


  3. Bradford was not a random #1 draft pick. All the experts believed he was the real deal. Now barring more injuries I think he has stepped of the level of his play. Its not like he is working with a set of star receivers. I do not see anyone on the horizon that gives the Eagles a better shot right now. And with our team entering its prime on defense I think we need answers quickly. I do not think our fan base is in the mood for a development phase. Although that might have good longterm results it will only mix up things right now and Kelly does not have that luxury.

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    • Fan bases are never in the mood for rebuilding, but it is a necessary phase. It’s also a phase that the Eagles have been avoiding since 2005.



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