1. Loads of truth, whether we fans wanted to hear it or not. I appreciate that you didn’t predict the Eagles suffering a huge loss. 26 – 21 is at least respectable. Hey, maybe we’ll get lucky, the stars will align, and we’ll get a win.

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  2. Does Demarco Murray become the story after this week? Thats usually what they do. Be prepared for a lot of nothing the rest of the season.

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    • Not at all. Then again when everyone was saying Foles was the future I was saying that he wasn’t. Same with Sam here. He’s not a good QB in a division having an off year, imagine what we’ll look like when the NFC East finds it’s feet again.


  3. you have been right a lot and philly might not be a perfect fit but he I think this guy likes to compete. That deer in the headlights look is gone and he looks very serious about moving the ball. I think his class is beginning to show.

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