1. I do not think it is ever better to lose but I have no faith at this point. If they win this week they will ride high only to lose to the Giants next week. A typical Eagle failure.

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    • The point is that there is nothing to gain from a quick first round exit, but plenty can come from picking early in 7 rounds.


  2. You are probably right about a house cleaning. Unfortunately Lurie will torture fans again and throw away next season by bringing Kelly back. This guy had no plays this season. Ive never seen a football team stay bad for 16 games. I mean they just cannot make simple plays. I mean on defense we need to immediately fire the D coordinator. He is the scapegoat but they are inept. Our linebackers flat out stink. Alonzero should get his walking papers but they will say he is recovering his knee. Kendricks is lost in the scheme. Ryans needs a nursing home. He cannot move anymore. Our secondary is in shambles but believe or not maybe a bright spot. We have no pass rush. On offense line has fallen apart on the run and can barely protect the QB. We have only one legit WR in Matthews. Our RB are slow or old. We have two tight ends that can barely hold on to the ball. Although Ertz is part of a rebuild. We do not have a signed QB. It goes on and on.

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    • It goes on and on. The best thing to do since we already know next year is a lost one, is just bit the bullet and establish a young core. In three years when it’s a dynasty, no one will care about 2015 and 2016.


  3. You make a lot of assumptions. The first should be is the owner committed to winning a superbowl


    • I don’t recall Lurie ever saying he was committed to winning a Super Bowl. He said back in the days of Joe Banner that he wanted the Eagles to be the Gold Standard of the NFL and that he wanted this team to be competitive for a long time to come.
      I don’t recall him ever being gaga over the idea of a Super Bowl.



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