3 comments on “JPP’S COSTLY MISTAKE

  1. The news releases say he’ll be able to play this up coming season at some point. I don’t see how that could happen, but that’s what they’re saying. This isn’t only a physical injury either, many folks who lose a body part have to deal with it mentally and the healing time for that is a very personal thing and who knows how long, if ever that will take. Best wished to JPP.

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    • The only way he plays this year is if his agent is an idiot. Rushing back in during the season, with no camp, only allows for him to look bad, which works against him at the bargaining table. Like you said there’s a psychological aspect to healing. Especially when you have to relearn things.


  2. Big dope. So many of these guys keep making these dumb decisions and placing millions of dollars at risk. He should have kept the finger and waited it out. If he looks bad his career could be over. Over silly fireworks. Not worth it at all.

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