1. Yes I hate our Birds losing to those Boyz . Yes I hate our Birds losing period. But, the saddest part for me is that we do NOT have a caliber playoff team IF we make the post season in my opinion.

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    • Totally agree with you Andrea. While I know it seems like harping on a single point, Bill Davis just about had me pissed to the point of flames last night.

      Fletcher was beat on THREE TD’s to the same area, the same way. Did Davis assign any Safety help to cover Bryant? Nope. Did Davis switch Cary Williams over to cover Bryant? Yes. After the 3rd TD.

      When you have a coach who can’t make adjustments, (See: New Orleans game), you generally cannot have a team that will make a deep run. (I say ‘generally’ because the 9-7 giants won a SB, going directly against this grain.)


    • looked like Nate Allen was late getting there on at least one play. Sort of his m. o.


  2. I think this was a game where a guy like D jax makes a huge difference. We have no playmakers. Yes Maclin is solid and McCoy can run from time to time but lets face it neither of them are nearly as effective without Djax. he kept the defenses honest. Now McCoy cant get to that second level as easily. Maclin is limited to a possession receiver. This guy huff has been a bust. Fumbles nearly every time he touches the ball . Just a disgrace that in this kind of situation we can’t win at home. but thats the Eagles and Jeff lurie. Good enough to compete but not committing the resources. Here comes the next step new QB. I called it when they extended the contract to Reid that lurie was going to drag this thing out out for years. Next step new QB through the draft.


    • LOL I wish we had DJax, but let’s be real. Mark Sanchez and his noodle are couldn’t hit Jackson on a forty yard fly route. With that being the case Jackson did assist this team by stretching the field more and opening things up in the middle and with the run.


    • Thats probably true but lets face facts we have two QBs with serious flaws. Foles cant move in , out or around the pocket and Sanchez arm is looking weaker by the game. We are not an elite team. We compete. This team reminds me of some of the Rodney Peete/McMahon playoff teams. If I were the Eagles I would let McCoy walk and pick up Peterson or Ray Rice. Both are way tougher. Mccoy runs scared.


    • My gut says trading LeSean McCoy and Brandon Boykin to Oakland, along with our first rounder is one way this could go.

      It would help the Raiders sell tickets.Those extra asses in seats gives them leverage to pursue a stadium. Sort of a step 1 then step 2 sort of thing. It might not produce a single extra win, but those attendance numbers would help Mark Davis significantly in the boardroom.

      For us it gets us into the top 4 of the Draft and a shot at one of what is only supposed to be a a few good QB’s out there this year.


    • Not gonna happen. Boykin is a free agent, and McCoy and our first gets what? Their first?? I highly doubt it. Oakland would have to be prime dumb to take that even with Boykin (if he wasn’t a free agent after the year which he will be), cause Boykin hasn’t played all that well this year. If he can’t crack our starting corner list with these guys out there why would anyone want to give up value for him? The Eagles do not have enough talent on the roster to give up players to move in this draft and have too many holes to give up draft picks. We may make some trades, but there’s no way we move into the top five without giving up the farm.


  3. cat really argue with EZ. We are thin on talent. They may have bit on our 1st and Djax. They love that outside speed.


    • Too late. Jackson is a redskin now…. The bottom line (and I agree Foles has flaws) is the Eagles are joust going to have to groom Foles or draft a guy in the middle rounds and groom him. There aren’t any other options to take and we need starters right now. We need a right guard, corners, linebackers, a starting safety, another running back, and another receiver. We don’t have enough talent to waste picks to move up for a guy who might not even pan out like Mariota. We are winning games with Foles. Improve the talent around him and just keep winning games.


  4. Looks like McCoy about to get the the unheralded Eagle routine scapegoat tag. The Eagles almost ready to fold the tent. Polk tryout coming? That would be a typical Eagle set up. Another big salary going bye bye. Lurie and company have the art of rip off down pat.



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