1. OMG Eagle!!! 40-6???? Wow!!! I’m def less worried now! Lol at “licking their chops”….love it. SWOOP & FLY!

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    • Everything will be the same as it was
      in Dallas except the location. No reason to expect it to be so close this time. 🙂


    • EAGLES fans seem nervous when I say this one won’t be as close as the last one, but my question to them is “What’s changed from then to now?”


    • Romo gets to take a needle in his ass, he didn’t last time. That will make him stop jumping in the ground before anyone gets to him. Lmao. Fuck their oline. It’s garbage.

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    • Yeah if the injections make him braver, it just means he’ll TAKE those hits this time. Whether he’s doped up or not doesn’t change the fact that we were able to get to him so much.


  2. Would love to see a 40-6, but I would love to see a Romo pick to seal the win or a late Parkey field goal for the win. Just to see them crushed at the end.


  3. I agree boxer. Another player punk move on the fans. They are never EVER going to win Jeff lurie. The city has been hosed.


  4. Hey Jerry threw down his own money. That takes balls and commitment . He cares about winning . POS Lurie cares about his wallet.



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