3 comments on “I GET SCHOOLED, YET AGAIN

  1. The game has changed since then. I will always question this organization for not winning a superbowl while McNabb was QB. McNabb and Reid might have the same HOF fate since both came up short. I blame this missed opportunity on the owner – period.


    • I lay the lack of a Super Bowl win at the feet of a LOT of people. But less on the players and here’s why.
      As fans we ALL KNEW that McNabb was winning those games by leaning on guys like Chad Lewis and Brian Westbrook, because he had piss poor WR’s to work with. That was never more evident than the 2003 NFC Championship game against the Panthers where rookie Ricky Manning took veteran Todd Pinkston to school.
      The fanbase BEGGED the F.O. for years for a WR. Finally they get us T.O. and actually let Freddie Mitchell start some games, and we get over the NFC Championship game hump with relative ease.
      We lost the SB, but simply throwing a few more bucks at T.O. would’ve put us back there. Instead the F.O. let a petty spat derail their long-term plans. T.O. got his money elsewhere and instead of 2004 being the breakthrough it’s now the peak that marks our decline.


    • That pretty much sums up that era but Reid did a nice job creating a blueprint that he followed and it worked. In the early 2000 stretch, Reid was a cutting edge NFL mind and did a lot with very little. Ive always maintained that Reid was an excellent architect , not much of a game day coach but more than good enough to guide a team to a superbowl victory. He was careless with protecting his plays in the NE/Eagle superbowl. I blame that on him. Thats his job to maintain a closed play system. But in retrospect McNabb was a unique talent and provided thrills and drama. In some ways he was his own worse enemy. He was a leader on the field but off it he had trouble gaining momentum.



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