1. You shouldn’t be shocked about the multiple. Most of us knew they were going to stick with the 3-4 despite their lack of players capable of doing so. I hope Curry lands someplace where he can excel. I just hope it isn’t NY or Dallas.


  2. Not shocked at all. If you remember, I said last year that I didn’t think Kelly was being straight with the fan base. Now we have this situation where we apparently aren’t playing at least one of our better players. I don’t get it.

    But yeah, New York and Dallas (because they both run a 4-3), are the two teams that I worry about seeing him go to.


  3. I don’t get how you can’t find a spot for a guy like Curry. Scheme or not the guy gets pressure. In the NFL pressure disrupts offenses. You know it and I know it. To be incapable of finding ways to use Curry says more about his coaches than it does about him. It’s like the Redskins paying all that money to fat Albert only to completely use him wrong.


    • EXACTLY, which is what I was saying back when I originally was pissed over the hiring of Bill Davis.

      Today someone in a group I’m in asked when Fletcher Cox is going to become a dominant 3-4 DE. The real answer is he probably won’t ever. He’s more suited to 4-3 DT, where he WAS becoming dominant before this switch.

      That switch has stunted the growth of Cox, and Cedric Thornton; is keeping Vinny Curry off the field, and is keeping us from seeing if Brandon Graham (who still KEEPS showing flashes), can be a consistent DE.

      Graham, Cox, Thornton and Curry is an entire defensive line, and would likely be an VERY good one vs the run and the pass, but because of our DC and his system, we’re a defense that has trouble reaching without sending 5 at least.




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