17 comments on “2014 FINAL ROSTER PREDICTION

  1. Im a fan of Brandon Graham and Curry and think it would be a mistake to part ways with either one of them. I always liked Sanchez. i thought he was playing with a bum shoulder but has obviously healed it. His arm is lively and if it stays healthy I actually think he looks better than Foles. I would consider trading Sanchez for Austin.


    • There’s NO WAY the Rams trade Austin for Sanchez. They could get a guy just as capable (Kurt Cousins) for far cheaper than that. Sanchez doesn’t have the value many Eagles fans think he has.


  2. Without a QB the Rams have no chance in that division. Austin had some moments and may become a star in this league but I think a proven QB is more valuable than an electric player. Cousins never impressed me and Sanchez has the pedigree. He sort of reminds me of Drew Brees when he got his shoulders repaired. I think a healthy sanchez can play in this league


    • Our offensive system allows for hits on the QB. Like Vick, Foles has proven so far to not be able to give us 16 games. In that case we need a back-up.

      I have more confidence in Barkley than most fans. When he stepped in (on almost no reps), he completed 61% of his passes. If it wasn’t for his 0-4 TD/Int ratio no one would bat an eye over possibly trading Sanchez.


    • Mark Sanchez isn’t going to get us Austin, but I don’t think he (Austin) fits what Chip wants to do anyway. When I see Sanchez I don’t see Brees. He’s far too turnover prone.


  3. I have to admit I thought Barkley looked a little more sure of himself in preseason than in the past. His passes were crisp but I still question his velocity on the ball. I think he is a solid #3. I couldnt say that last year so he has improved. Whether he can make a jump up remains to be seen.


    • Regarding your comment about Henery getting a shot. Well I kind of feel like he’s had multiple shots to prove himself and missing a 31 yard field goal is almost unforgivable especially for a guy who relies more on accuracy than leg strength. I think Henery is lost for this team. He needs to get away. Maybe he comes back and is excellent, but I don’t think Philly is the spot for him.


    • I don’t put a lot of credence in what a kicker did in college. Henery I believe was the most accurate kicker in college and he can’t even make a 31 yard field goal right now, cause his head is all messed up. I think Parkey’s performance may actually force them to keep both of them. At least until Parkey shows he really can’t cut it or Henery shows why he was drafted in the first place. I don’t feel comfortable with a rookie, but Henery is just not there right now.

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    • People are sold on Parkey because he’s not Henery, but stepping back and looking at it, neither inspires great confidence.


  4. Henery cant kick the ball out of the endzone. Setting up good field position for opponents was probably as big a factor as missing field goals in the decision making process. Henery hurt the team in multiple ways.



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