13 comments on “FINALLY,  A FRANCHISE QB!

  1. I do to, but anyone expecting a repeat of last year is I think, being unfair. There is MUCH more tape on him than there was last year, and teams now know what specifically makes him uncomfortable.



  3. I still believe in Nick Foles. This season hasn’t deterred me from thinking otherwise. I understand all the issues he had to deal with and he still led his team to victories. Mariota is a pipe dream. LOL the Eagles couldn’t even move up two slots in this last draft to get Cooks or Dix, but now we expect them to climb to the top of the draft when they are likely to be selecting in the late twenties? I don’t think so.


    • I don’t understand why EAGLES fans think Mariota will go high in the Draft. Every Oregon QB since 2009 has posted gaudy stats, wins and even bowl appearnces and NONE of them have gone higher than round 5.

      The NFL knows a system QB when they see one. I’d be shocked if anyone besides us takes him higher than round 3.


  4. http://walterfootball.com/draft2015.php


    Here are two sites that have MM going in the top five of the draft. I have seen at least five different sites have him in the top five so it isn’t just the Eagles fans who think he’s going high. Of course many people thought Manziel and Geno Smith would go higher too. With that being the case I still don’t see him going late enough for the Eagles to pull the trigger. Maybe I am wrong here, but I wouldn’t touch him or Winston though. I think MM could be a bust, and JW makes me think Cam Newton with an even more troubled past. This upcoming QB class doesn’t do much for me. Not to mention we have so many more pressing needs than QB at corner, safety, line backer, wide receiver, and getting younger on the offensive line.


    • I won’t argue that point with you. I’ll just say that this coach likes his Ducks, has been known to reach, has been known to reach for Ducks, and has a QB to use as trade fodder.

      As I said when I said Vick would get the starting nod, the best indicator of what a man WILL do is what he HAS done. Like Andy Reid, Chip Kelly would rather be wrong doing it his way, than right doing it someone else’s.


    • Our coach loves his Ducks, but consider this. The last two seasons Chip Kelly has fawned over certain players. Dion Jordan in his first year and six different guys from this past draft. He hasn’t been able to get any of them. He can want guys till he’s blue in the face, but if Roseman can’t pull the trigger then he ain’t getting the players he wants.


    • I won’t speculate now on on what Roseman can or can’t do come next May. What I will say is that he has trade fodder (Foles, McCoy, etc.) at his disposal and a lot of big things WILL happen between now and then.


    • There you are speculating people want players we don’t want. You think Foles or McCoy moves us up? I doubt it since Foles is supposedly so terrible and nobody is giving McCoy that kind of money plus us a decent pick. You think Sproles is an every down back if we do let Shady go? How about oft-injured Polk? Or is this a case of a guy off the street being better than the Eagles all time leading rusher? Finally getting back to the guy everyone can’t wait to trade Nixk Foles. The guy who everyone says can’t play a lick, but everyone assumes people want. You know for everyone to seem that it’s so easy to replace this guy let’s look at the names for a moment. Vick, Dixon, Edwards, Barkley, Sanchez, and Kinne. There sure have been a lot of guys who already had chances to drop this guy out and so far none of them have come close and that includes two first round draft picks! We can’t wait to get rid of the guy who’s winning us games for a bunch of bums who aren’t. Only the Philly fan base.


  5. True it will be on the coaches, but the fan base are the ones who thinks this is a great idea…. Well some of them do, but they aren’t thinking this one through and let’s not kid ourselves. This isn’t a case of a guy waiting in the wings or we are in a position to draft a can’t miss QB. It’s a case of chasing pipe dreams.




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