1. You have not seen me posting predictions for our beloved Eagles’ upcoming season and it’s all ’cause of our QB situation. I hope you are wrong Eagle and Bradford becomes our franchise’s all time best QB (I’m sure you’d be delighted too). If not, I’d trade a couple of sub .500 seasons for a successful future with another franchise QB. Swoop and Fly!


    • Bradford stands no shot at such a lofty spot. His leg doesn’t have the longevity for it.
      I also find it interesting that he seems so keen on testing FA after this season, but I wonder if that has to do with what kind of offers the Eagles are making him in terms of an extension. I’d love to see what the offers were vs the current market for QB’s with 50 or so starts.


  2. This has to be Bradfords last opportunity. I think he has the pedigree. But he is damaged goods. Its a roll of the dice. But I have that same concern about the Oline. We are extremely thin and I see potential problems winning the battle in the trench. If Demarco cant punch out the tough yards we are in serious trouble everywhere else.


  3. If Sam Bradford isn’t starting day one Chip Kelly the GM failed in his first season on the job. In fact having this as an open competition already hints to failure. You don’t trade a capable starter, a 2nd, and a 4th for a guy who has to compete with Mark Sanchez for the job.



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