3 comments on “FOUR THINGS: WK 12: EAGLES – SEAHAWKS

  1. Under normal conditions I would agree that a bounce back is coming but I’m starting to think the Eagles just aren’t that talented . I think activating Jawan Howard could reap real rewards . He adds a physical presence and some easy blocking schemes for our offensive line . I like sanders a lot but he isn’t beating people down despite his success running the ball . This should add a layer of protection for Wentz . Hopefully he can get out of pocket some this week . I still think like Cunningham early in his career Wentz has awful mechanics . A looping delivery that leaves the ball exposed and delays quick strikes . I don’t understand how this team has neglected linebackers like this . We have always had solid middle linebacker play . I like to think historical makeup of team is a good roadmap to follow . I think Schwartz is off the scheme and it doesn’t work . Your opinion beast ?

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    • I have never been a fan of the Wide 9. To me it’s a gimmick defense to run when after getting out to a double digit lead. It asks too much of other positions to stop the run and the compensations give away too many short, quick completions.

      As far as Howard, I keep saying it was dumb to let him walk in the first place. I’m a HUGE fan of a power run game, for ANY QB.

      Once that SS walks into the box, the intermediate passing game opens up like clockwork. That was the backbone of our 2017 run. The Front Office IMMEDIATELY got away from that, and we went back to small Sproles and broken Ajayi (until we cut him).

      A power run game will open the defense for Carson and let him direct his weapons pre-snap.

      Take a look at him and see how little adjusting he does now. He was practically Peyton Manning in camp. Now I don’t think he trusts what he sees. (Or who he’s throwing to.)

      His mechanics…I’m leery about messing with a players mechanics, this far into their career. Clean up what you can by the middle of year two. The rest…learn to live with it. When the adrenaline starts going, athletes revert back to natural talent. They don’t think, they just play.

      Arguing with him about his arm position just creates a QB who’s mind isn’t focused on the ball’s delivery, but also on whether of not he’s going to get chewed out over his elbow being flared, or both feet not being planted, or whether he should rotate his hips fully or just halfway on this kind of throw.

      The truth is, they have to find a way to bring some fun back. Athletes play looser, harder and more inspired when they’re enjoying their job.

      Introduce a cash reward for running over a defensive player. Rent out a steakhouse and give the royal treatment to the Offensive Lineman with the most decleaters in a game. Make a paper crown and carry the game MVP off on your shoulders. Have ways to make guys smile. It pays off.


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