1. Calling bullshit. You can give me all the lofty loads of shit you want to about “leadership,” locker-room presence” or whatever other buzzword-Bingo crap you want, but this is the NFL. That means the bottom line is winning and losing. That’s it.

    Malcolm Jenkins was a nice player in his day. But he’s on the down-slope. I’m more interested in paying a guy based on what I think he’s going to do, not choking my salary cap based on yesterday’s news. Granted, I don’t know the answer for replacing the hole created by the absence of Jenkins, but I do know it ain’t Jenkins.

    Having said that, I totally ethe idea of being frustrated at the idea of going “all offense, all the time.” That’s just setting up to be the Dan Fouts San Diego Chargers and losing a bunch of 47-45 games.


    • So let me get this right:

      You state YOURSELF that his absence leaves a hole. (Which is what I said)
      You state YOURSELF that you don’t know how we can fill that void. (Which tacitly implies that you don’t feel like we have the answer on the roster.)
      You say the bottom line is winning, (We’ve WON the division 2 of the last three years, and still went to the playoffs the year we didn’t.)
      I fail to see how Jenkins is on the down-slope, when he’s played a 100% of the defensive snaps since 2014, with the exception of 2017 when he only played 92%. As the NFL says, the best ability is availability.
      I get that some fans take issue with his politics, and some of us would rather not hear about the so much, but you can’t take aim at Jenkins and then cheer on lesser players without being a hypocrite and giving away what your REAL bias is. This is not some NFL sponsored chatroom, and I WILL call you on YOUR bullshit.


  2. Wow…you heard a lot of things I didn’t say. I didn’t bring up the politics thing…you did. For the record, I couldn’t give a shit less about Jenkins’ politics, or any other jock/celebrity for that matter. But since you took this there, that tells me what the rest of this discussion will be, so I’ll take a hard pass on that.



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