1. Would be nice if we didn’t break some NFL record for pre-snap penalties too…What we really should & will be doing (I think) is assessing who needs to go & who should stay. Y not evaluate the talent or lack of ? Nothing left to lose. Question for anyone who knows…what happened with B Graham again this season? I’m wondering if he doesn’t have some kind of undiagnosed illness. He’s missed games with the Eagles over the years & in Houston too. Very alarming to me.

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    • Graham has an anxiety disorder that he thought was an ulcer. He’ll likely have that treated with a prescription.

      As for using the rest of the year as an evaluation tool, I’M ALL FOR THAT. Trot out some of the young guys and see if they have any juice or not. That way we don’t spend a later draft pick on something we already have, when we could address a need or lack of depth with that pick.


  2. When a team gives up like the Eagles have its a real cause for concern. One thing I will guarantee is that the ravens will give 60 minutes of hard play regardless of the score. Commitment comes from the top. Lurie and co has yet to show that Superbowl is the only goal. Its about dollars and the players know it. The Ravens expectations for hard nose play is now part of the culture while the eagles are still searching for an identity. They have put the weight of the organization on young Wentz. Hes solid guy somewhat like Flacco. But Eagles have nothing surrounding him. They need to send strong messages this offseason if they ever want to see change. Ravens will win this game

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  3. There was a time when the Eagles defended their honor. I have not seen that in years. They have no heart or toughness. I would not pay to see them right now. They are just a cut above cleveland and jax.. Lurie has showboated for too long and now his little games have eroded any sense of commitment from the players. This is a real problem that will not be solved in a season.

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