4 comments on “WK13: BENGALS

  1. Doug is a rookie coach, coaching a rookie starting QB, in the toughest division in the Conference right now. Lots of his thinking smacks of Andy Reid, but given that he played under Reid, cut his teeth coaching under Reid, and given that his last coaching job was under Reid, that had to be expected. It’ll be interesting to watch Doug’s evolution, as the division around him shapes him through experiences away from Reid.

    I have to say that I find him to be a TECHNICALLY sound coach, but he suffers from that thing that most modern offensive coaches suffer from, namely the desire to show everyone how smart/clever they are. As a result of that, we get cute too much, and it’s bitten us in the ass quite a bit this year.

    Overall, I haven’t lost faith in him as a coach. The roster however… I have major misgivings about the psychology of SOME of the players from the last regime, who Doug allowed to remain this year. More house cleaning is needed.


  2. I think Pederson needs to worry about developing his QB. Because like you say there is some house cleaning left to do. They need to find their core nucleus of players thats going to move them forward. You build around Wentz, Cox, Logan , Jordan Matthews,Beckham, Johnson, Hicks, Graham and Jenkins. Their are some other keepers but Ryan Matthews and Agholor need to go.

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