1. Longtime but Ive been reading your posts . I still like your knowledge of football. I think the Eagle offense could struggle this year. I m not impressed with the skill positions and the OL is average. I d ont think Bradford cant excel in this environment. Its a lot to ask of him. The defense is looking stout. I think they will hit prime soon. Unfortunately as usual timing with offense out of sync. The one saving grace is the division is still sort of weak. We might be able to compete.

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    • I think the weak division coupled with our Defense is exactly what will help us win it.

      Our skill positions aren’t at all scary, but to a man, every one of our skill players has game changing ability when they get the ball in their hands.
      If you look at a team like Dallas they can’t even say that about their other STARTING WR. And who is NY’s RB?

      Same for Washington.
      We have more scheme appropriate players on our roster from top bottom than any of our rivals.



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