1. If Matthews leads the team in receptions, yards, and touchdowns again it won’t matter where they play him, cause they will have to pay him. I wonder what this offense is going to look like now. No FB and their best receiver in the slot seems like a lot of three wide sets. It seems to be less like a traditional WCO and closer to something the Bills ran when they had Jim Kelly. Personally I would have liked to see Matthews on the outside and the smaller speedsters like Huff and Givens in the slot.

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    • I love the idea of Givens in the slot. I don’t understand why teams don’t employ speedsters there. You almost can’t reliably jam a WR (so that’s a clean release) and it wouldn’t allow for teams to walk a Safety up, since 99% of Safeties lack that sort of speed to begin with. If you walk one into the box there’s no way he can recover on a deep ball. It turns into a game of catch.



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