1. The only reason not to fire Kelly is you would have to pay him and he gets to run to the Titans. With that being the case I don’t fire him, but I strip him of his GM duties and hope that makes him run back to Saturdays.

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  2. Great food for thought. I haven’t been one of the ones saying to fire Chip just yet but I’m very close. Thanks for this slant on it.

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    • As one of his biggest detractors from the beginning, I just want the Eagles to not let his firing set us as far back as his hiring did.


  3. The do not have anyone capable of being an interim coach. The sad thing in Philly is that all three sports franchises are mimicking the Eagle business model and coming up with the same results. The City is the laughing stock in all of sports and Jeff Lurie’s Eagle model is the basis for the cities sports woes. But whats more disturbing is that the Eagle play is being endorsed by the owner. The stars are purposely minimized and then sent packing only to be replaced by so called upgrades. Its been going on for years and Philly fans just sit bthere and go give me more. I will NOT support this team financially. In fact I was offered two Buffalo tickets at face value. I turned them down and told them you pay me $200 to go plus have a cheesesteak waiting for me at my seat and I might consider it. Otherwise, you can waste your hard earned money (approx. $400 for 2) watching that dreadful product. Its so bad I almost do not believe what Im seeing. I cannot believe that Chip has NO answers. I mean its the same week in and out. How can the opposition not know what we are doing. I sit at my TV and know exactly where the ball is going. Do the Eagles have 5 plays in the handbook? And sadly that’s on offense and defense. It almost looks like a calculated decision to lose games. I mean the least they can do is make it look legit.

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    • I wish it WAS a calculated decision to lose games. Then at least we’d play our youth exclusively and it would help us see exactly what we needed to draft. On top of that, the Draft position would be much higher.
      This limping to win 9-10 games has yeilded us nothing except more smugness from this overblown asshole.




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