9 comments on “THE EAGLES AND RACISM

  1. GM Eagle, my friend. Another great article/blog. We may never know the full truth. I find the accusation against Chip to be baseless, unlike the video of Coop (who I am no longer a fan of because of that video and his lack luster performance). The saddest part that I do know to be true is the dividing of our loyal fans 😦

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    • Seeing a fan say that they feel unwelcome was jarring. I think of being a fan an easily inclusive thing, and to see people who feel excluded from that, excluded from US, makes me worried about the long term perception of the team and the region.


  2. I could careless if Chip is or isn’t a racist. All that matters is he wins. For the record I don’t think he’s a racist, but if he doesn’t win it won’t matter. Keeping Riley Cooper here doesn’t help Chip’s image though. I could see if Cooper were killing it on the field, but he hasn’t come close to doing that since the incident. Keeping Cooper wreaks of arrogance.

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  3. He is not a coach to be anyones friend. He has a job like most people nd its about making the team the best it can be. I run a business . Its one thing to be cordial with co-workers its another to friends and emotionally involved. No thanks. Keep up the good work chip and keep doing what works for you.


  4. No doubt McCoy had talent but he acted like a punk. He was not focused and loved sound bites. In Buffalo with Rex Ryan he better be prepared to run between the tackles. Thats the bread and butter for Buffalo and Rex knows it well from NY and Baltimore. I like the culture chip is making. Leadership is earned not given to the guy that shouts the most. Too many players like McNabb had all the skills but left something in leadership department at home. That includes on and off the field perception. When you look at Ronald Reagan he is perceived as a strong leader. When you look at Obama he is perceived as weak . Now the perception may not be accurate but in terms of leadership in the moment it goes a long way. McCoy was weak. McNabb was weak. Foles was a zero.


  5. Baltimore has had some really great leaders over the years. Unitas, Lewis, Suggs, Flacco…etc . In Philly other than Reggie White I cannot think of anyone that was perceived universally as a great leader. I mean name one player that is remotely close to Ray Lewis or Flacco?


    • The Eagles had some great leaders Bednarick, Timmy Brown, Seth Joyner, Eric Allen, Troy Vincent, Steve Van Buren, Reggie White, and Jerome Brown are a few of them. Sometimes a team has the right talent and the wrong coach or vise versa. I think it’s a little too early to sing the praises of Kelly. He needs to get those rings, but he does have a direction where he wants to take the team. Still people are comparing him to people like Bill Walsh already. It’s getting a little insane.

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