16 comments on “SINCE HE’S POPE-ing BY ANYWAY…

  1. I’m not a Cathic, but if I were then I certainly would want him to bless the team. Heck don’t stop there. Bless that whole South Philly area. Bless all four teams and their stadiums. Let’s remove whatever has been holding them back over the years.

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  2. I do overall. But Im a skeptic . When it gets close will we see the past shananigans resurface


  3. I went to the Preseason game vs Ravens. Im impressed with the level of play of the rookies. I think they have done an excellent job of putting together real competition deep into a lot of positions. i liked Bailey and Barner. Not sure of the spelling. I thought the 6’9″lineman looked pretty tough . Just a good mix of athletes. They executed very well. Im excited. As log as Lurie does not put the kiss of death on this I think we have something here.

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  4. I thought Bradford looked like he had a nice arm. Made throws very easily. But I like the grit of Sanchez. He doesn’t possess the pass skills of Bradford but he understands where he is in the pocket and moves very well. Either one could start. Bradford looked a little scared. One of his deeper passes sailed a little. Hope his knee is not effecting throwing motion. The hit from Suggs was cheap. Bradford was very far removed from play and moving away from line of scrimmage. Like I said looks like higher level of talent through the ranks. Im still concerned about interior linebackers. Im not sold on Kendricks and Alonzo. Both can pursue but not exactly stout. Ryans cannot be expected to return to top form.

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    • I’m looking for a longer look at Bradford this week vs GB. We already know what we can expect from Sanchez in this system.

      As I said in the Ravens Preview (in THE GAME section), we won’t really see another test of our run defense until Week Four vs the ‘skins.


    • Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I’m less concerned with the run defense than I am with the pass rush. It’s been MIA so far. The quarterbacks are getting time against us and where Brandon Graham? He supposed to be so great consider his production verses time bull crap stat. He’s barely noticeable right now.

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    • You aren’t in the minority. But the version of 3-4 we run allows us to rush the passer or cover receivers, not both. That’s why we were a top pass-rushing team last year that was just about dead last in pass defense.

      I think Graham will be used to cover more this year. That’s a real shame considering that he’d be a great 4-3 DE, instead of a mid-level 3-4 OLB.


  5. Graham appears to be good at everything but not great at anyone part of his game. I think he is still developing his pass rush. He reminds me of a young Hugh Douglass.

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