1. I began reading this a little ticked off as, like many, am no Cary Williams fan and I am a Chip fan, at least for now. But, it’s hard to dispute valid points like “17-21 yr olds” with less games and more depth. Add in the heat and humidity and I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Kudos Eagle.

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    • I wish that someone could dispute these things. I HATE not being able to believe wholeheartedly like I did from 2001 to 2012. I remember the Ray Rhodes era better than most. Most Eagles fans don’t recall that Rhodes went 10-6 in both of his first two seasons only to see the wheels come off later because despite being full of personality, he was a FUNDAMENTALLY flawed coach.
      Last June when I mentioned the Eagles trading LeSean McCoy I was dismissed as an idiot and a heretic. It sucks when it takes everyone else months to see what you saw plain as day, so long ago.


  2. The comparison to the Rhodes era could turn out to be true. The bottom line is salaries are flying out the door faster than they are coming in. I always liked Williams . Played with an attitude. I remember Ray Lewis had to try to calm him down. That tells you something. You did call the McCoy move. I would have never guessed it.

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  3. This is the first time Cary Williams has ever been listened to? The defense hasn’t been worth anything and if he is right, why couldn’t they make one stop in any quarter? No one else has complained but with how many time cary williams has been burnt, it can’t be his fault. Chip is trying to win with the crap he has that didn’t see a winning season in several years before he got here. Let him try and bring the players he wants and then question him. Pete Carroll did the same thing Chip did this year and all of Seattle didn’t(or maybe they did) pick apart everything he did saying if he don’t win it all this time he is out, It took him two years to get a winning record AFTER he made his moves of tearing down Seattle’s roster. So Cary can go there, it’ll be like Maxwell only worse. Chip’s first year they played New Orleans in the playoffs, It just shows how bad New Orleans is that we were in that game at all with this defense. Our best receiver, djax, was shut down by one guy til he went down on Concussion protocol then Djax made one play. Riley made a crippling drop while wide open which would have been a td. And Shady was stopped by a weak Saints run defense. Chip has a bad record against better teams. HIs system needs talent and he came on to a team that was lacking. Even the best players that were getting paid all the money weren’t as good as other teams’ players. Let Chip have his time to build his team. This city is so starved for a championship in football that we want to rush out anyone who doesn’t bring it quickly. Cary came here butthurt that Baltimore chose not to bring him back and he had an attitude about it from day one. He made mistakes that someone like him shouldn’t be making and he wanted to stay and like baltimore, got booted. No one took him seriously til now? You are funny beast


  4. Chip comes with alot of fanfare and credentials. If he turns out to be as cutting edge as it seems he wants to be he may turn out to be special. If he is merely acting out on Luries orders and shucking the Eagle oysters then he will prove to be a shill and a failure.

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  5. Funny I remember Chip’s first season everyone lauded over how players stayed healthy and how they had a 2nd wind for the. 2nd half of the season. All praises to Chip’s conditioning system. The very next year the team was decimated by injuries and went on a critical three game losing streak against two of the better teams in the NFL and the woeful Redskins. The looked flat and exhausted in most of those games. They couldn’t sustain drives and the defense looked tired. So what happened to Chip’s great conditioning system then? Cary Williams felt there was a lack of preparation. I. Could understand why after all Chip’s more concerned with doing things fast than he is with doing things correctly. Chip may think “culture beats scheme every time,” but NOTHING beats preparation. Chip’s been thriving off the bottom feeder teams in the NFL, but when he’s gone up against the big boys he gets exposed. I hope he can prove me wrong, but I think that’s going to be hard to do with a team full of Riley Cooper’s.




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