2 comments on “2015 EAGLES PRE-DRAFT PREVIEW

  1. Thanks for your insight once again Eagle because I have/had no clue what to expect from our “new” squad. The QB question mark worries me the most. Also, the lack of a veteran deep threat at WR. I really wish Chip would keep Boykin and give him more playing time, I love his spunk!


    • Most fans (including me) agree with you Andrea. Boykin deserves a chance to show that he can be a starter. But the knock on him (for Kelly) is that he’s only 5’10”.
      I know Kelly is said to require 6 feet or better from his corners, but 6 foot CB’s who can play man coverage don’t just drop off of trees. Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown both played at 5’10”. Darrelle Revis is 5’11”. Eric Allen is also played at 5’10”. Remember mark McMillian? 5’7″ and still had 8 picks in 1997.
      I think some teams make too much of sports metrics, while other teams keep making the playoffs, and hoisting trophies.



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