1. If they could work out something close to what you describe here Eagle, I say let’s keep Shady!!!


  2. I would be disappointed to see Shady moved, but I wouldn’t be surprised. After Jackson anything is possible, except the rumor that the Raiders would trade away their pick for McCoy, our pick and our first rounder next season. If I’m the Eagles I would absolutely do that. I see no reason why the Raiders would.


    • For the Raiders a name like McCoy puts asses in the seats immediately, helping their bottom line towards getting a stadium.
      It also allow Derek Carr to develop as opponents would have to focus on both Shady AND the passing game. Consider that Carr had the rookie year he did WITHOUT a strong run game or starter who could relied on to stay on the field.


    • Seems crazy the Raiders would consider this to me. They seem so far from competing that adding Shady almost seems like a waste. Maybe the old regime would do this, but it would be shocking to see the new one do this. If I’m the Eagles I take the deal, draft Mariota, trade Foles (hopefully for a 2nd), and use the new cap space to sign a new corner, pass rusher, and safety. The two second round picks may allow us to get back into the first and select a need at corner. Of course the free agent stuff has to happen prior to the draft…. Heck I would still do the trade with the Raiders even before the draft. Who cares if Mariota gets selected prior. I would still have Foles and I could select an impact rookie.



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