4 comments on “A QB NOT NAMED MARIOTA

  1. Interesting as always Eagle. I learn something, often many things with each blog your write and post. I’ll be watching for the name Blake Sims.

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  2. If Chip Kelly truly tries to move mountains to go for Mariota I then would wonder if this guy is as good as everyone claims he is. For him to allegedly be such a forward thinker I don’t know how he could be so short sighted. So many errors to get to this point. First off last seasons draft. Chip should have just traded out of the first round in general. He should have taken as compensation the Browns first round pick for next season. Remember several years ago now when the Eagles traded away their first round pick (I believe to the Panthers) and the following year flipped that pick into Jason Peters? A forward thinking Chip Kelly could have and should have done the same. He also could had played Barkley and other young players against the Vagiants (which probably would have resulted in a loss) and perhaps then the Eagles would be looking at the 15th pick instead of the 20th pick. Now imagine having the 12th and the 15th pick in the draft at our disposal to try and move up to get Mariota? Now it doesn’t cost us as many future draft picks especially if we were to throw Foles into the deal. Now the Eagles may have to get to five (actually need to get to two) just to get in front of the Jets. The Redskins gave up three number ones plus a number two just to move from 6 to 2. How much more will they ask from us just so we could move in front of the Jets to get Mariota. Mariota has .00000000000000001 percent chance of being an Eagle. Far too many teams ahead of the Eagles with quarterback problems that frankly can offer better deals and on top of that our forward thinking genius of a coach wasn’t forward thinking enough to see that planning ahead and stockpiling picks for this draft could have gotten him at least a shot at getting Mariota.


    • It’s why I don’t feel Chip is all that sold on selling out for Mariota. If you’re selling out then you’re doing it scorched earth style. You’re pulling a Sixers type move at least for the short term. What he’s doing now seems (if he’s doing it at all) seems impetuous and frankly a guy who supposedly has it all together shouldn’t be thinking on this level. His decision not to play Barkley is also why he’s put himself into a position where he really can’t draft a young QB unless he’s totally done with Barkley. I can’t see how he can go into a season with Foles, Barkley, and a rookie. That’s three major question marks. Let’s say Foles comes back and plays well. That’s fine, but what happens if he gets hurt? Can they trust Barkley? We don’t know, but he had his chance to find out and instead played a guy who likely won’t be here. Can he go to a rookie? Well other than Mariota himself I doubt there’s anyone who can come in and be as effective (in the short term) as he will need to be. Chip’s put himself in a possible bind here.



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