1. The pass was short but it was interference and called it on the field. Jerry overturned it. And the Eagles are grabbing headlines shuffling a bunch of mid range salaried employees around in the front office. The restructure of the Eagles amounts to a lot of nothing.


    • Not if you’re a fan.

      Functionally it does little, but as a P.R. move it’s almost seismic in nature. Keep in mind that most earthquakes go completely unfelt. Then one day there’s a hiccup and enough energy is released to change the landscape forever.

      There’s a hiccup coming.


  2. I saw a comment by a self proclaimed “I’ve seen enough football to know” in that he said this means that next week, GB will be getting most of the calls going their way. I’ve never paid attention to bad calls and their aftermath before….do this have any credence to you Eagle?


    • More or less, yeah. There is so much public backlash over this. The NFL and refs will be eager to show there is no favoritism towards the Cowboys/Jerry Jones.

      What has me sort of chuckling over this is that you had to see it coming. 1) BEFORE kick-off yesterday I’d shared that story from August where Dean Blandino was partying with the Cowboys, and 2) With Suh on the team, you have to know that your team won’t get the benefit of any doubt. It was the same with Warren Sapp after the incident in GB over a decade ago. Questionable calls plagued anywhere he went after that. It’s the price you pay for having a guy who people hate personally. Refs are people too.



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