1. I totally agree with you once again Eagle. I just made a post the other day that I don’t see this as that big a difference at all…..plus, where’s his contract extension? That would be even bigger news in my opinion.

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  2. Usual Eagle publicity grab right around playoff time. same old boring Jeff lurie psychology. Worked when it was a novel idea but now that its the norm it makes the Eagles look like a bunch of chumps. Look at Raven ownership and you see what Philly should have.


    • I’m not particularly impressed by the Ravens ownership. GM Ozzie Newsome doesn’t quite have the touch he used to and honestly, the AFC North hasn’t been the toughest of divisions over the years. Given that factor, it’s hard to be all that impressed with the inconsistent Ravens if you aren’t a fan already.


  3. Cant agree with that. Missed playoffs 5 years since 2000 and won two superbowls but not impressed? Owner is a self made multi million dollar business owner. Ozzie is a sure HOFer that may get inducted for his job as a GM and player. Lost his touch? Where? You were not impressed with Ravens on Saturday vs Steelers? If not you are the only one in America that was not. They may not beat NE in NE but the Ravens have proven they can dig down deep in adverse conditions and win. Eagles still searching for those guts.


  4. The bottom line Roseman still does the contracts. Chip can hold his breath till he’s blue in the face. If Howie can’t get the signing done it’s not happening. On a more troubling note I have issues with Chip being in charge of selecting players. It’s been reported in the draft he wanted to take both Taylor Hart and Jordan Mathews earlier than they were drafted. In other words Chip doesn’t understand the nuances of the NFL Draft. He’s going to blow this thing if he doesn’t get someone in there to teach him how to play that game. Also look at all of his Ducks he’s chosen so far. All of them have been close to bad. This could set us back decades if it turns out wrong.

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  5. Do you like Casey Matthews? Probably not. So why do you like the Eagles? Im not impressed with this current regime in comparison to other management teams with similar resources. Im voicing my disapproval.


    • Odd that you’d ask if I like Casey Matthews. I’m no great fan of his, but I’ve NEVER been as down on him as most Eagles fans. I feel if he’s the MLB in a non-Tampa Two 4-3, he has a place in the NFL. He simply lacks the foot speed to play any other LB role in this league.

      Lurie IS the regime. He’s the hand behind coaches, GM, and the rest. He will own this team for decades. Possibly until the end of your life. If you feel that it’s betrayed you, why continue to be loyal to it?


  6. Lurie is simply a mortal. The eagles are immortal. He may own the Eagles but he is hardly a good representative of an Eagle fan or the city. His reign will end and the Eagles will move on. I submit he will be gone sooner than you may think. I think I have been relatively accurate about what I see as his design for the Eagles. And I still believe he will cut out on the fans and not fulfill his promises to the city. I will continue to be a sane voice in defense of our birds not his and point out the crap he is feeding the fans. Philly is like a middle child they arent as big as NY or as hometown as Baltimore. They are stuck in between with no identity just like the team. Gotta love it.


    • I sort of get your aversion to Lurie, but truthfully you’re never going to change anyone’s opinion of him. Especially those of us who lived through Tose and Braman. The Eagles have been the most successful under Lurie than any other previous owner in the Super Bowl era and that’s by a lot. Does he have a Super Bowl? No, but the Bucs do and they’re one of the worst run franchises in football. I think Lurie/Banner got a little too arrogant and maybe they still are, but considering what we came from to where we are now I will support Lurie until he sells the team, and that frankly won’t happen anytime soon.



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