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  1. That game was like us beating down Iraq in the first Iraq war. They had no chance against us. Denise Bryant cried we played dirty. He and his cryboy brethren are just soft. There sure were a lot of Eagles chants going on in that stadium and on Thanksgiving no less. We are now two games over your bud’s prediction and one game from mine. I now feel like 13 wins isn’t out of the question.

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    • I had Dallas going either 6-10 or 10-6, with us (or the Redskins), winning the division either way. (Meaning we’d get more than 10 wins.)

      I have every intention of ribbing Rhodie over this in a couple weeks or so, but I’m far more interested right now in Seattle and beating ANOTHER +.500 team.

      There’s no point in crowing too loud if we lose the next 2. (Though we should sweep Dallas.)


    • I had the Seahawks game as a loss before, but if the Eagles can do what they did with Sanchez (make him a facilitating component and not try and make him the guy) then I don’t see why we couldn’t beat them. We do have to clean up this Red Zone offense. Cody Parkey has been the man for us though. I like you thought the Skins would be much better (not better than us, but better) than they have showed. I still felt we would win the division in either case, but the Skins have been a terrible disappointment. I expected the VaGiants to suck. Although RGME hasn’t come close to being as good as advertised I must state the Skins couldn’t have saddled him with worse coaches than the ones he was given. None of his coaches specialize in calling plays fit for his playing style all want him to be something he isn’t. That’s why he’s on his way out of D.C. If he somehow gets lucky and ends up here look out.

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    • I agree with all but the last part. Griffin had reconstructive surgery on a knee in college, and the pro game has only added a ton more damage. I’d have to get stuck with him when the warranty suddenly expires. Failing a move to draft a QB, it would make more sense to try to reform a Jake Locker or Terrelle Pryor.



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