11 comments on “PROBLEM #2: RUNNING ON EMPTY

  1. There is a pass option to the zone read. If the run game kicks in (I think the two young guys will play better with more experience) the fake to a pass to the TE is a viable option. It would gain more yards than any running QB would and keep the linebackers from crashing down onto McCoy. McCoy is missing his lead blocker right now. Kelce is so quick he’s often out leading the way on many of these blocks. He’s not there and Molk isn’t close to his caliber. That’s why McCoy needs to focus on getting what he can. He needs to take the 3-4 yard run and make defenses focus enough on him to open things up for Ertz in the play action pass. Somebody needs to get to Foles and start coaching him. His footwork is out of alignment. That’s why his accuracy is suffering so much. Ertz is open nearly every play he’s in there, but Foles keeps missing the target. I think he’s worried about the inside pressure so he’s afraid to step into his throws. All in all I’ve seen little (other than the corners) that can’t be fixed. I will state that Chip Kelly the “genius” should be correcting these issues. Now that everybody’s supposedly “buying in” it shouldn’t take this long to correct the issues.


  2. I bet you that picture is from last year. Because he looks pumped up in it. Beast what year was this picture from?

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    • LMAO!!! I picked this pick SPECIFICALLY with you in mind.

      I’m can’t say for sure what year it’s from, but when I Googled “LeSean McCoy” +”2014″, this is one of the images that came up. Also it’s from a website that has it attached to a story from October 5th.
      It may very well even be a stocked picture they got from last year.


  3. Nothing surprises me with performance enhancement drugs. So many sports are littered with them. Even horses are given roids in horse racing. Does anyone really know the validity of NFL testing. They have to turn a blind eye to certain things or the game would change.


  4. Chip adjusted his offense and it benefitted his running back and his patchwork offensive line. It’s good to see a coach be willing to adjust what he does for the sake of improving the team. I’ve been so used to seeing the opposite for so long I’m almost not sure how to react to it.


  5. He did adjust and McCoy looked better but Im not ready to change my opinion here on this matter. But Mcoy did hit holes faster. Its a long season and you have to have stars at the end of the year. Could have been holding back early on. I wont venture to guess until I see a string of games.


    • I think the system, the injuries, and the defenses caused McCoy troubles. There’s also the forgotten turf toe Shady suffered in the preseason. The Eagles aren’t reporting it, but turf toe can last all season.

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    • I think it has been bothering him. He’s not complaining about it, and despite all of that he’s still like 5th or 6th in the league in rushing. This will be a good week off for him.



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