1. Not a bad idea but his short arms might make the window even smaller for Foles although I agree no one can cover the guy. Dont want to risk injury with Sproles. I wouldnt mind seeing some Chris Polk at this point.


    • Polk is doing what he always does Hollywood. He’s mending an injury in the sidelines. He barely played and yet he somehow tweaked his hammy again. Big backs stay getting hurt.


  2. I get the feeling more sets with Sproles and Shady will be on the way. However it happens I don’t think it’s wise to just line Sproles up in the slot. He isn’t an advantage against a slot corner. Motioning him to the outside could work better. The actually ran a play with him on the outside. Just seemed like a bad idea and the ball didn’t go to him. Unless they are trying one of those WR screens they love to run so much.


  3. I have to agree with you EZ. A linebacker is match yes. A safety – maybe. A corner – not at all.


    • I like Sproles, but some people seem to think you can line him up against anyone in the NFL and he’s suddenly a mismatch. I don’t see it. I think he’s best against someone he can outrun.


  4. I would even say its his quick step that makes someone turn the wrong way and he creates space. But its hard to tell because he accelerates so fast and sometimes he looks like he is outrunning everyone. I wouldn’t underestimate what he can do. But was he brought here for that expanded role?


  5. The Eagles pretty much made the adjustment I wanted them to make. The only time Foles got into trouble in this game. Was when he decided to look for the deep ball. It wasn’t there and he threw two bad picks instead of taking what the defense gave him. Shady hit the holes and showed a burst again. The makeshift line seems to be jelling and Molk seemed much better thanks to Foles being under center. Chip ran a pro style single back offense in this game. It was like he made them a completely different team and protected his defense with a ball controlling, chain moving offense.



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