• I wrote this and posted it to a couple of FB groups so that Cowboys and Redskins fans could also read it.
      So far not a SINGLE comment on it by either set of fans. I may have hit a nerve. 🙂


  1. Most of todays NFC EAST FANS were not born or were not into football the last century… You get a lot of immature responses… most Skins fans on social media that say we got 3, especially Cowboys fans we got 5 rings talk were not alive too see those victories and if they were… they were in diapers, during the glory days.

    Todays Eagles fan got into football during the McNabb era and saw a lot winning and don’t remember, Jaws, Cunningham, McMahon as their QB. I am a Redskins fan since 1982 and you cannot criticize RG3 without having your fandom questioned or worst you are called a cowboys fan, yet these same “redskins” never witnessed a skins SB and dare to tell me what a winning QB looks like, lol…

    Its rare that rival fans can sit down and have a calm discussion about their teams… I will be the first to say that my Redskins have indeed sucked this century. But just as in life.. what goes up must come down… and we were indeed up during the 80s and 90s.

    I am one that believes that the media has a HUGE hand in how things turn it.. after all we live in a realty tv era… as Jerry Jones said, the Cowboys are the #1 reality show on tv…


    • First of all, let me say WELCOME to the first non-EAGLES fan on this site.

      As you said what goes up must come down, and every fan experiences that at some point or another. How we deal with that I think says a lot, not just about us as individuals, but repeated enough it says a lot about us as a fan base as well. It’s those characteristics that shape our reputations.

      If you look around here you’ll see I take my fellow fans to task on a couple of issues, because just like our team has changed over time I think it’s important that fan bases do to. Not everything our fan bases are known for are good things, and it’s important that what we hand down, is worth having and working to improve.

      You coming here, and us being able to talk like THIS, is a good step in that direction.


  2. What is down is Redskin merchandise 45%. Snyder should try to talk Abe Pollin into selling him Washington Bullets name. Used to be Baltimore Bullets.



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