1. I can’t recall a situation in Philly where the 2nd guy chosen has higher expectations than the first guy chosen as early as it happened this past year. That tells me reach. That tells me bust. I have repeatedly stated that if you target six players in the draft and you fail to get any of them you failed. Last seasons draft seemed good, but this year it seemed filled with far too many questionable picks and Oregon players. Now we just gave up another pick for an Oregon player who hasn’t done anything in the league so far. Smith was a reach and the Eagles aren’t good enough to draft prospects. They need impact players.


    • I’m NEVER a fan of hiring a Head Coach right out of college. For every Jimmy Johnson, you get 5 Steve Spurriers (who if I recall also tried to load his college team on his NFL roster).

      This is why I wanted a Fangio, or a Bradley. Not only for defense, but for their experience with top shelf NFL talent. having worked with it and against it they know what it looks like.

      I still don’t think Kelly has a handle on the NFL. Last year was the WORST thing that could have happened to him from an educational standpoint. He developed a number of bad habits that were rewarded with WTF wins. (Green Bay and Detroit, come roaring to mind.)

      Kelly managed to get away with adding lesser talents, because people had to adjust to his system. Not only that, but all of his best players were hold overs from the Reid era. Now people have a better handle on it, and we haven’t gotten significantly deeper in 3 years.

      Anyone who thinks 2014 will bear any resemblance to 2013, is living in a fools paradise.


  2. the Beast is spot-on. Smith comes to us as a recruited HS quarterback, who then moved to linebacker and then to defensive end in a sub-par conference while at Louisville. His first 2 preseason games were unimpressive (2 solo tackles in 2 games), and he has yet to push an offensive lineman backwards even 1 foot. He has shown no swim move, bull rush or other technique to get around a 340 pounder. Despite all the claims of his athleticism, let’s remember that Mike Mamula outperformed Smith’s combine scores in every matching category, so you need more than athleticism to play in this league. Drafting him at 26 was a substantial reach and Kelly and Roseman admitted that they selected him only after all 6 of their choices were gone. So it’s no surprise that we recently had to bring in Tra Thomas to teach him how to get around an NFL tackle. Drafting a first rounder under these circumstances is a clear reflection on the drafters, not the kid. He is playing at exactly the level his history would predict to anybody, except Chip and Howie.


    • I hadn’t even factored in the H.S. QB thing. Good point.
      There’s a point in that first article I referenced where Smith says: “I need to get my legs stronger and my body built so that I can run over some of those big guys,” Smith said Thursday, via the Philadelphia Daily News. “Not just have a finesse game, but have a violence game, too.”
      That background as a QB makes me wonder if he has that kind of violence in him.


    • I didn’t see much of Smith on the field vs. Pittsburg but what I did see is he has enough speed to cover Antonio Brown . That should give fans hope that this guy might be able to play at this level. On the flip side he doesn’t look very comfortable out there.


    • When he entered the game I was watching him like a stalker. He doesn’t seem to have the strength or bulk to play rush LB as he gets handled easily by OT’s. Also where he lines up doesn’t really allow him to take an advantageous angle of attack with his first step.
      Connor Barwin does the same thing. My guess is, how they line up has to do with containment and setting the edge pre-snap, because despite being bigger and more experienced Barwin didn’t set the world ablaze last year either.


    • I agree with you about his positioning but I thought he played with decent leverage but wasnt doing much to shed blockers. He played quite a distance from center which left him a step or two late potentially getting to the QB. He looks like a project.


    • Picking up a project is fine, but at #26 OVERALL? The worst thing is if he doesn’t live up to first rounder expectations, HE’LL get the blame for it, when he was never a first round talent to begin with.


  3. I don’t think the fans should blame Smith for his draft position (though they likely will), but I have to place this one on the aching staff and talent evaluators. The Eagles took him with lowered expectations, but even he at this point is lower than they hoped. His slowed growth almost certainly keeps Brandon Graham on the roster for at least one more season.


    • I don’t think the Eagles can afford to do that. Especially Vinny Curry. All he’s done is get pressure. None of Chip’s former Ducks have done more than what Graham and Curry have this preseason.


    • I think Villanueva will find his way to the practice squad. Better to cut him now and let him get forgotten. He was a long shot at best to make the team. Curry and Graham are proven NFL commodities. They shouldn’t lose their spot for guys that haven’t done anything. Heck I heard Billy Davis say that Graham is close to unseating Cole. Time will tell, but I believe they both are locks to make this roster or will be quickly signed if the Eagles are dumb enough to cut them.



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