9 comments on ““YES, WE HAVE TONY ROMO!”

  1. They should have given Henery a legit competitor. Seems like a classic case of a coach thinking he knows more than everyone else and paying for it later.


    • This is what I said back in May. Spear was a “meh” college Kicker. It would have made more sense to bring in Rob Bironas, who I think is STILL waiting for someone to call.


  2. I’ve been telling the guys over on the Eagles site for sometime. Stop blaming Andy Reid for Henery and Marsh. These are now Chip Kelly’s players. He could have gotten a bunch of Arena Football guys to go out and do what Marsh did. Instead he chose to bring Marsh back. All of the millions spent to improve the special teams and they fail to bring in any real kicking competition? That means Kelly believed in (foolishly) Henery.

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    • That’s what I’ve been saying since May. Gradually people are coming around to it, but the handwriting has LONG been on the wall.


  3. There are former Ducks on the roster, two free agent periods, and two drafts under Chip. Andy has nothing to do with this team anymore. For better or worse Chip Kelly gets the credit or the blame for what happens this year and beyond.

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    • If this doesn’t get Kelly to cut Henery NOTHING will. But I think Henery should have been allowed to attempt a FG. Just so that (when he missed) he could never say or imply any shenanigans on the EAGLES part.


    • I did like how he pulled Henery back and then made the other kid kick. He put the kid on the spot and he delivered. If Henery makes the squad….



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