11 comments on ““WE’LL BE LUCKY FOR 7-9”

  1. How long have the Patriots succeeded in the same system? The kicker is going to be a problem but there isn’t as many obvious replacements. The defense won’t necessarily have the same shmucks out there. We aren’t exactly the Super Bowl favorites and Chip doesn’t exactly have all the players a coach who has been here for longer than two years would have. Aside from Reid’s last draft, his drafts were a complete waste of time which is the reason the defense is where it’s at, and if Foles wasn’t showing signs of being real good, this team would be waaaay behind, so far behind they would’ve took Manziel and if he doesn’t do good this year we will be looking up from further down for a few years til they can draft one and then there is breaking him in and maybe by that time, the defense will have the pieces of several drafts.


    • Chris, I think you’re arguing with the wrong guy. LOL.

      I do have to say that K Rob Bironas is still unemployed and would be an improvement in FG range, Kickoff distance, and number of fair catches. If he wasn’t 37, I think teams would be all over him.


  2. The saints had clear running lanes cuz Davis thought we should play the whole damn game in a dime package cuz he was afraid of the air attack. Our offense did awesome making holes for shady, the leagues leading rusher may I add,… Our defense wasn’t great last year but they were good, held opposing offenses to 21 points or less over a 9 game stretch. Now we have upgraded a bit and also installed a few new ideas on both sides of the ball to keep the rest of the league honest. I believe we go 11-5 or 10-6 this year and I believe this dude is high off his ass if he believes we will regress, I got two names that won’t let that happen they are Lesean McCoy and Nick Foles,… And you can quote me on this


    • I think you just made Rhodies point. He said we don’t have any tough guys and you just said that the DC (the Defense’s leader) “was afraid”.

      And that’s just you and Rhodie talking.

      Now I’ll chime in and say that playing a WHOLE GAME in something that isn’t working without making an adjustment goes to what I said in the first article om this site WANT A SUPER BOWL? THEN FIRE BILL DAVIS.

      I don’t think we’ll finish 7-9 or worse, but I’m too smart AND experienced to simply dismiss the only guy to seriously predict the Eagles winning 10 games last year.


  3. I see no real challenge to the Eagles in this division. Every team in the division alone has a worse defense than the Eagles and none of them have a better offense. I see at least 10 wins this coming year.


    • I don’t feel any locks either, but I like Kelly’s obsession for preparation, his ability to adjust both in game and during the season, and his drive. He wasn’t happy with last year and he has his guys buying in. The Cryboys are a mess with their coaching staff, the Giants coaches could be entering a lame duck status, and nobody knows how good the new Gruden will be in Washington. If nothing else I like our chances in this division.


    • On a side note I’m not surprised some old guy predicts doom and gloom for the Eagles. For years I went back and forth with my dad over McNabb. Old people tend to see the glass half empty.


    • With as much as the NFL has changed from what it was when they were raised on it I’m hardly surprised. At it’s heart it’s a violent game, that leaves permanent damage behind. It can and has crippled and killed.

      It’s dangerous by the very nature of the way it was designed to be played. (Which is why when people say that grown men are being paid to play a children’s game, I immediately know they’re idiots.)

      Watching executives continue to try and legislate the violence out of it; and watching players who glorified in using their bodies as battering rams, now sue over suffering the fallout from it; is enough to make you question the integrity and future of the game.




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