5 comments on “SAY HELLO TO THE NEW SAD

  1. How many titles have the Eagles won?…Oh yeah NONE….Herschel Walker trade….it will never go away….lol…..stop hating, stop choking and shut up!!!


  2. Jones has owned the Cowboys for 25 years…and won 3 championships…sure it has been 19 years since we won the big one..BUT…..Lurie has owned the Eagles for 20 years and has won NOTHING??…what exactly are you talking about? It would help your sorry Eagles have an actual chance to MAYBE….someday….feel what it feels like to be champs……stop HATING!!!!!


    • That’s all that you cowboy clowns have? Here’s one for you. Your beloved owner sent the guy packing who built the team that you seem to love bragging about even though most of the Cowpuke fanbase wasn’t even alive when they won those titles. You fans seem to forget that little nugget. Your team, in the last 20 year has had a consistent .500 record and will continue to do so as long as that rich hillbilly runs the team.



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