1. I somewhat get what you are saying. I have heard around the circles that time and time again all they asked from desean was keep things toned down. They know he isn’t in any gang, desean isn’t a gang MEMBER. He just has friends that are. We read time after time when andy was here and was suckling desean , about late, or missed meetings, hanging out with wrong people yada yada.

    Desean only needed to grow up. nothing more. Eagles gave him millions for his play on the field and had warned him time and time again on how fast they could take it all away. He continued his ways by throwing gang signs in games, instagram photos with alleged thugs without a care in the world. then there was the home robbery and NJ.com threatening to put out a report.

    Look, Desean is a decent 27 year old KID that is a role model for many girls and boys across this great country of ours. He lobbies against “bullying” in schools correct? Well tell me please how it looks to this young kids when he is advocating to stop bullting, yet is seen in pictures with, once again alleged gang members accused of murder, some holding guns, and/or flashing gang signs. Is that what desean is trying to tell these kids. To just get yourself some friends with guns and all that bullying will stop? See where i’m coming from. I have grand kids that love this guy.

    Yes the team might take a hit on the field. desean is a good, fast, great hand receiver. but was it all worth the headache? All he had to do was listen to the help and advice the brass was trying to give him, and help the team continue its winning ways. But he refused to listen and they appeared to of had enough.

    So many people were talking on the EMB that it was all about money, and chip kelly not liking desean. all that may be true, but all i know is things would of been fine if he just toned it down.

    i wish him all the luck in the world and i hope this was a wake up call for him. Awesome player that in my eyes will be sorely missed. But i’ll be damn if i’m going to bad mouth the brass or coaches because desean didn’t want to grow up


    • I hear you AC. This post isn’t just about their handling of this last situation though, it’s about how they treat their fan base whenever something could make them look less than sterling.

      The organization can’t on one hand talk about how passionate we are, how die hard we are, how football season is 365 days a year for Philly fans; and then on the other hand shut us out of any pertinent information (even after the fact), while profiting (via advertisers) from all the message board and website clicks generated by fans just searching for the very information that’s being withheld. That’s just flat out disrespectful.

      Jackson will find an employer by weeks end, so I’m not sure what leverage the Eagles really had there. Were he older, or a marginal player then sure, but in the end I think this will only reflect poorly on the Eagles, as it’s already beginning to now in regard to national outlet coverage.



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