4 comments on “CHIP KELLY’S 2nd ROOKIE YEAR

  1. Don’t think we will take a WR first, but we should. ODB or Cooks would allow chip to say go ahead and load the box these guys will still beat you deep.

    But as of now I couldn’t agree more. Shady will have a tough time. I see a broken leg coming, knock on wood. Foles is gonna have smaller windows to throw through, more picks coming regardless.

    Mathis can just shut the fuck up. He isn’t close to the best guard in the nfl. If he is man those other teams are in serious trouble.

    This year will make or break chip, especially now without desean. This will prove if shady is better than AP. If maclin and cooper can survive without double coverage to another wr.

    Shitty move eagles. Shitty move indeed.


    • LOL! Absolutely.

      This IS the make or break year for Kelly. Last year there were an awful lot of Reid’s starters out there and there was some adapting of the new scheme to the players talents, like Kelly said he would do.

      What’s different this year is that there’ll be less adapting and more of Kelly’s pure system. What’s sad it that it still won’t be the pure system.

      I know people hate when I say this, but Kelly made his name behind QB’s that could run. Foles isn’t in a wheelchair, but c’mon…Those carries that would normally go to the QB, I’m wondering if they end up on Shady, because you can only put so many on Sproles.

      If we take a step back the media will look for a reason and guess what they’ll point to? It’ll only be worse if Jackson has a decent season. Someone will get the blame for this, and my guess is that the FO will slide Kelly under the bus. Though the guy truly responsible is Roseman.


  2. There’s a lot of holes to fill on this roster and cutting Jackson just added one more. If Kelly thinks he will get NFL with players like Jeff Maehl then he’s in for a rude awakening. On the Eagles site fans are already being content with the Eagles taking a step back. Chip Kelly talking a step back is a failure in my opinion considering how vulnerable this division is right now.


    • LMMFAO!! I JUST used that rude awakening line in a response to you.

      This fan is expecting it, but I’m anything but fine with it. It almost feels like we gave away being the class of the division.

      Then again why not? We give away everything else.



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