4 comments on “UNINTENDED FALLOUT?

  1. Yea flip the. Eagles played this one horrible. From what I heard even if desean is best friends with this guy Theron shakir, who allegedly killed two teens ( to ur point there), they can’t release him for that. They need actual football reasons on why they released him. Granted they will just fall back on his salary cap, but the NFLPA may just point out the 17 million they had in cap space and call bull. The eagles counter with the fact they are about 2 million over the supposed cap in 2015, NFLPA comes back with I didn’t know you are psychic. This could get very interesting.


    • They’d have been better served saying “He no longer fits our system and we can’t afford him’ in 2015”, then trading him to Oakland or New York for a marginal player (since neither team wants to part with a Draft pick this year).

      This gang nonsense is an attempt to make the idea of moving him palatable to fans. I mean imagine if they had just released him and said “WUP! He’s overpaid!” After his last season? There’d have been a riot. But turn him into scum and now people get to look down on him.

      Those same folks will feel pretty silly though, if he’s never charged with anything, and spends the next few years catching bombs from RG3, Eli, or worse yet Romo.



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