1. I think we need 1 RB and probably 2-3 WRs. The center/left of the O-Line is a problem. I’m less concerned about the B/U QB, but we need an additional TE. Those are my pointed needs as of right now. We did A LOT on the defensive side, but I still think we have to hit on 3 positions still…LB first then CB for depth and lastly Safety…too much new blood.

    The problem is that now that I’ve listed it all out…it IS A PROBLEM that we have so many holes.

    I’m already convinced that even after losing Jernigan that the goal for Gym Shorts is to create pressure up front so the secondary doesn’t get hung out to dry!!! Problem is that only works with teams that have weak O-Lines.

    Unfortunately we just have to wait as see how this all plays out for us.


    • I get the sinking feeling that they did so much in Free Agency so that they could go almost entirely Offensive in the Draft.

      Fact is, we still have bigger needs on Defense than we do on Offense. But as you said, it’s a wait and see.



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