1. Hi Beast. The Eagles have no speed whatsoever. To rely on oft-injured Jackson is a bad strategy. i thought Jalen Mills added some positive play in the secondary but overall it was a horrendous performance. The vanilla offense is just boring and barely middle school level expertise. Frank Reich was the key to the offense lets face facts. They stink . Can they compete ? Maybe but I doubt they will consistently. They are old and slow. Even if everyone gets healthy they will have to battle for wins. The team needs some fire. I wouldn’t mind the Eagles looking at Jay Ajayi or Antonio Brown. It would add an element they are missing for sure. Its all talk now from Pederson. His analytics arent working . He is exposed . He is an ordinary coach. Even though the linebackers were getting hung up on blocks I think having some youth on the field will pay dividends down the road. Wentz has a ery strange delivery . It is a very odd release. Your thoughts.

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    • OH YEAH! That sort of fire is what I miss from the Yardbarker days.
      We need a headcase on Offense. We have too many nice guys and no spark plugs. It’s funny that you mention Reich, because I’m halfway through an article which discusses him. Also I have completed article discuss 12 Personnel.
      I’m okay with Wentz’s delivery. It’s his selection that rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know what it is about Philly QB’s that they don’t trust their WR’s to make plays. I just want to see him put the ball up for some of these tall WR’s and see if they’re good enough to have careers.



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