6 comments on “FOUR THINGS: WK 14: EAGLES-RAMS

    • Nah. There’s no way Kaep absorbs this offense in 3 weeks. No shame in a first round bow out with Foles. And hey, if we can make some noise with him, then it means that we built our roster well.


  1. I don’t think Eagles should bow out as you say. I would at least bring in a RG3 for backup. Lets face facts Foles is going to get killed back there. He cant move despite his 9yd run.

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    • OR, the Eagles could actually use their run game and keep some heat off of him. Lucky for us these next 3 games aren’t that big of a deal, because we’re already in the playoffs.
      The next few weeks can be used as a lab to mix and match and see what we need to tweak so that we can squeeze as much as we can from Foles.



  3. I hate to to do this but Im laying the blame for this one at the feet of the coaching staff, How many times in Philly do we have to lose Qbs in Philly with these magic scrambling acts. The bottom line is Qbs that pay like Wentz.. Griffin… Cam Newton etc end up hurt. Wilsom remains healthy because he has learned to throw the ball out of bounds. Im sorry poor play calling on 1st and goal at the 2 yard line. The coaches did not protect their investment. With the NFl players gettin bigger stronger and faster its a must to teach a QB how to stay safe. The Eagle coaches road the coatails of his talent with little regard to his safety. Poor job blame Pederson. An idiot



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