1. I think it was a very vanilla game plan with the for sight to meeting this team in the playoffs. I thought the game was played at a very high level and Wentz did a fine job for a second year QB. We let them have this one and I think the Eagles return the favor when it counts. We moved the ball fairly well but didnt finish the job . I thought our offensive play calling was very ordinary. save the best for the playoffs. Russell will be corralled in the next encounter . I think it will be done with a CB or safety shawdowing him and mixture of more complicated blitz schemes. All in all I think the Eagles showed they belong in this company. I would call it a cautious success.

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    • Exactly. The play-calling on both sides of the ball was completely uncharacteristic of this team. We threw them no complicated looks on defense, and made no real attempts at freeing up receivers down-field for any deep passing. We had Torrey Smith catching 6 yard routes for god’s sake! I’m hoping that you’re right about possibly holding out for the playoffs.


  2. Beast I would like your opinion on whether more was gained or lost in game vs Seattle. My opinion is overall gain.

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  3. It depends. If Dougie was truly scouting the Seahawks for a postseason match-up, we’ll likely see an other vanilla game called this week against the Rams. If the idea is to arm ourselves with information to use against playoff rivals, we’ll likely make a deep run this year. If our coach is thinking that many moves ahead, we could have the makings of a dynasty.


  4. I think a vanilla game plan with a few wrinkles should be enough to beat the Rams. But what Im impressed with is how Wentz is really out front in this organization. McNabb always took a backseat to Reid and I dont think he was ever able to establish himself as the most important factor in winning a Superbowl. Even though in my mind he had the tools to great one. Wentz on the other hand is clearly the most important factor even more so than Pederson in establishing this run. I think Wentz isnt a better QB than McNabb was but his leadership skills and dedication appear to be more focused. He is skilled but it will be interesting to see him deal with adversity. So far he has not been dealt a really difficult situation. Mcnabb was able to put the team on his back. The organization appears willing to dedicate more resources to winning. Timing is everything. Maybe its not about the money anymore but actually the goal has changed.

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    • I think the most important difference is that unlike Andy Reid, Doug Pederson doesn’t always think he’s the smartest guy in the room. Pederson is willing to admit that he needs other eyes and other perspectives. I said as much when Pederson was first hired. https://eaglemaniacal.com/2016/01/14/eagles-doug-pederson-coach/ .

      Having both played QB, Pederson and Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich, know that sometimes they could see things on the field, that didn’t immediately translate into words they could communicate with a coach. They know what it means to trust a QB. (Reid played college Offensive Tackle.) While Reid didn’t even give McNabb much freedom to audible, Pederson/Reich have allowed Wentz to insert some of his college plays into the offense. The result is that the Offense in part TRULY belongs to Wentz, unlike McNabb who only played in Reid’s system.


    • That’s a really good analysis. Let’s hope wentz continues to improve his game because at some point he will not have the luxury of a full supporting cast . And he will have to elevate his game to another level .

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  5. I think Eagles need to get pass game going initially then start pounding the ball. They need a balanced attack especially without Ertz. Start with lount and end with Ajai. let defense do the rest.



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