1. Does your opinion now change with the Blount signing? I think its a even swap. Not great, older back that has size for one year. I’m ok with it. Howie seems to have a plan and he didn’t like any of the bell cow backs available as a long term solution.

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    • No, my opinion is exactly the same. As I mentioned in the article, I didn’t want Blount.
      In him we have a situational 3rd down back, who doesn’t catch passes. To date, over 7 seasons of play, Blount has a TOTAL of 46 career receptions.
      Given that the Eagles will be a pass heavy offense, Blount stepping on the field IMMEDIATELY tips our hand to our opponents regarding the playcall. This was a bad move. We have a pile mover now, and that will help in spots, but overall this wasn’t a good move.


    • I can’t argue with your logic. He will tip the hand that he’s at least not catching a pass. But, I also believe that we should be able to get 2-3 yards even when the defense knows it. I honestly didn’t really want either of them. I am glad that it is only 1 year. He’s too old for more than that even if we did love him. I personally hope Sproles\Smallwoold\Pumphrey can carry the load and Blount is only a short yardage smasher.

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