3 comments on “THE 12: #1 NINE WINS IS A MUST

  1. Good analysis. I think we could make a big turnaround because I think we have the QB with the biggest upside. Do we have a number 1 receiver probably not but we have the ability to stretch defenses and keep them honest. I think our core players on defense are coming into their prime and will only get better. More ball control will mean a stingier defense. We need RB help . I we secure a good reliable back anything is possible. The game changes completely. Its impossible to know what our defense will look like with less stress and minutes.

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    • Well said! Too many fans fail to appreciate how much help a good run game (not even a great one), is to a defense. Everyone LOVED our 3-0 start but it seems that no one remembers how big a help time of possession played in those games. If we get a run game, 2017 will be SWEET!



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